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Alana D: “Anika’s performance was charged with such energy, passion, and resiliency; her words sent a hush over the audience as we all looked on awe-struck, feeling both moved and empowered.”

Joseph D:  “I was riveted by Anika’s performance.  As a white male, I found much of what she said painful to let in; yet the fierceness and tenderness in Anika’s eyes and voice kept me from turning away, kept me working to meet her at that difficult edge.”

Crystal G:  “…deeply moving and beautifully thought-provoking…opens up a dialogue of identity, oppression, liberation, and progress through her strong voice and powerful words.

Robin D:  “…masterfully integrates the intellectual and the emotional…a profound experience of the heart and mind. I was left powerfully moved and politically challenged in ways I cannot ignore.

Rebecca H: “When Anika performs her poetry, she speaks truths that words cannot express.  I left her performance knowing, more deeply than I have ever known, that our liberation is wrapped up in each other’s souls.”

Mary F: There is no way to describe Anika’s work which truly captures its beauty and inspiration. Her energy radiates as she renews the spirit and motivates the soul in a way accessible to all audiences.

Mary R:  When Anika performs her poems, her words rise up from the ground through her feet and body into her voice.  The feeling of authenticity is powerful.  She calls us to be fully present and awake.

Anne Y: Anika’s performance is riveting, and her poetic voice strong.  I felt awakened, challenged and inspired.