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"...her performance, deeply moving and beautifully thought-provoking...opens up a dialogue of identity, oppression, liberation, and progress through her strong voice and powerful words."-Crystal G.

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What It Is

A one-woman poetry performance experience traveling across America to women’s prisons, coffee houses, juvenile detention centers, community centers/art spaces, halfway houses, colleges/universities, and bookstores. The Tour experience invites audiences to participate in liberating themselves from the damaging thoughts and actions of racism in America by bearing witness and creating their own expressions of who they are.


How You Can Help

  • Suggest an organization that could benefit from an engaging performance about standing tall in the face of racism.
  • Suggest an organization that is looking to improve young people’s literacy skills and help them to reclaim their personal power.
  • Ask your friends if they might be willing to host a low-cost, private fundraiser in their home in exchange for a free mini-performance.
  • Suggest foundations that award grants for projects such as this.
  • Volunteer your time. What’s your talent? There’s a ton of things that Anika could use help with from publicity to bookings to videotaping.
  • Support the online fundraising campaign
  • Make a donation directly to Anika’s Tour Experience. (See button below.)


Contribute here:

….or contact Anika directly at 413-658-5692

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