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How well is your organization living its stated equity mission?

Are you struggling to know how to be effective at confronting injustice at your organization?

 Are you frustrated by the pace of movement at your organization toward justice and equity?

What I Do

Since 2009, I have consulted to educators and non-profit organizations working to undo racism and other oppressions and build spaces that welcome all. Working with white co-facilitators, I integrate concepts of intersectionality while centering race, as we help organizations create more socially just, equitable community.

Offering tools for self-reflection and interpersonal dialogue, we support personal awareness that builds the capacity for more “real” relationships. We urge people, from this foundation, to trust and grow those relationships in order to leverage their privilege and optimize their personal power. As they build this coalition, they are able to change policy, practices and culture, to create a more equitable and socially just institution.

In My Work, I:

  • Model an equitable, cross-racial, cross-gender relationship
  • Combine critical race theory with mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Incorporate expressive arts and body-centered approaches
  • Facilitate transformational learning
  • Offer tools for sustainable impact

Who We Are